They are the first of their style. The Alemi are a unique collection of 10,000 hand-drawn Afrofuturistic NFTs. The artists have drawn inspiration from all corners of Africa, showcasing the continent’s rich, artistic, and historical culture with a modern and eye-catching twist.

Immerse yourself in a lore inspired by East Africa. Dive deep into the anarchy and myths of Alem, where magic and technology are intertwined…

nft preview of an african american woman wearing feather jewellery and tribal clothes
nft preview of an african american male wearing golden jewellery and tribal clothes


The year is 3040, the world as we know it is full of turmoil and conflict. Greed got the best of society and as a consequence, it has been ravaged by war and distrust. The ancestors feel that we have veered away from our purpose, and are wrought with guilt for not stepping in sooner. They want to see their children live in a better world, a place where technological advancements and societal harmony can co-exist. After moons of disagreement and discord among the ancestors, they finally reach a consensus. Two individuals, of spiritual opposites, will be the ones paving the way to the future that will be the PALverse.

Mwezi and Jua are experts in their respective fields of interest, and even during these dire times, hold hope that things will improve and envision a great future for their people. The ancestors identify them to be the appropriate holders of the “gift” and bestow on the unknowing pair extraordinary powers.


PAL stands for Positive Attitude to Life, and a Friend.
Our 8-step roadmap summarises PAL’s plans over the next 6-12 months.
Please review the official whitepaper for more information.

1st Step

Building Momentum:
Community incoming

Socials: @PAL4PEOPLE, Discord, and website goes live.

Organically grow the community through PAL’s networks and promotion within the NFT space, providing sneak peeks & teasers.

We want to avoid whitelist grinding and build a community of passionate individuals. Everything that comes into existence will be because of the community.

The PAL community will be rewarded with whitelist spots and giveaways. We also want to build long-term strategic partnerships to help grow the PAL brand.

Let’s work together to create something beautiful.

2nd Step

The Launch:
Time to get serious

Integrate, allowing non-crypto natives to buy through the option of credit card instead of Ether, increasing the reach of collectors.

Prep whitelist-only mint 48 hours before the public mint, ensuring gas-efficient mints.

Once minted, purchase digital real estate in preparation for PAL Foundation & create digital galleries to host artwork from people in underprivileged communities.

3rd Step

Dreams 2 Reality

Start filming and promoting the ‘Dreams 2 Reality’ Docuseries. Initial focus: Kenya.   Goal: create a collection of 250 unique pieces of artwork, inspired by the story of the children who have been interviewed.

Holders of PAL NFTs will get priority access and opportunities to engage with the art before it may be publicly released.

This will then be replicated in other countries in East Africa, and then expand into the wider continent.

4th Step

Bridging the gap

Pilot PALducation in the informal settlements of Mathare and Kibera in Nairobi. 

Offer free education hubs during school holidays to children and youth with a primary focus on: Blockchain, NFTs and ArtTech. 

Start the process of building an NFT & Blockchain hub within Kenya & the wider continent.

Promote PALducation to universities and colleges in Kenya and offer classes with lessons learnt from the PALducation pilot project.

5th Step

PAL Foundation:
‍The Future

Register PAL Foundation whilst working on the Docuseries.

Once incorporated, start building a PAL Center in the informal settlement of Mathare.

PAL Centers will allow children and young adults from underprivileged communities to engage in ArtTech, create their own digital artwork in a safe and supportive environment and receive 100% from any artwork that may be sold.

6th Step

Web3 to IRL:

Outside of our desires and fantasies, our consciousness belongs to planet Earth. PAL’s bridging the gap between Web3 & IRL:

PAL merch


Potential sponsorships

NFT cons in Africa

Expand PALducation into the wider continent

7th Step

Let’s hear from you

Funds from the mint and the royalties will be retained to be used towards creating a PAL Collective Fund (PCF), to be used for development in underprivileged communities, supporting NGOs, social causes or similar NFT projects.

Holders of any PAL Collective will have the option to vote on which causes to support.

DAO: The community can discuss the trajectory of the project and what they want to see implemented next.

8th Step

Let’s build together

We welcome all ideas on how PAL should move forward, and what we should spend time on developing and exploring. We love hearing from people and their experiences, analyzing trends and how the scene is evolving.


The extremely talented individuals behind PAL who are helping break down barriers and bring the organisation’s vision to life.

8 years of experience in Financial Services. Passionate about helping people through financial inclusion and creative means.

Old at heart & lover of philosophy.



8 years of experience as a Multidisciplinary Artist.Fine art, murals, animations. You name it. Using my imagination to fuel creativity… 

…also a lover of anime and memes.



7 years of experience in digital art*. Sondeka East Africa Digital Artist Award 2021.Interested in exploring new experiences through art in different mediums.

*Only cut open people’s heads in art.



An experienced digital marketer and genuine geek. Believes in the great potential of immersive experiences and stories African creatives and world builders can bring to Web3.


Community Manager

11 years of working experience with over 8 years in international development within Sub-Saharan Africa. Passionate and dedicated professional. Multi-cultural and multi-lingual.

E fateve 'na risata ogni tanto... it's never that serious!



7 years of experience in communications & community building. Storyteller with a passion for connecting people. 

Connectivity & Creativity.



6 years of experience in brand building and customer acquisition.Marketer with a passion for creating communities and engaging conversation.

Storytelling & Community.



Folk and Fusion singer-songwriter. Creating records in vernacular languages – Gikuyu in addition to English and Kiswahili.

Curator of Folk Fusion Nairobi, collaborating and showcasing art and fostering pride in African art, language and music.



Business professional and partnerships legend. 7+ years experience working within sustainability, corporate responsibility, & children’s rights globally. 

Passionate about supporting the youth achieve their goals.



Web designer and developer specialising in custom design, with extensive experience building cutting-edge websites using best practices and techniques.



Degree in CS. Also grew his Real Estate media/tech company to a 7-figure valuation.
Passionate about innovation, now helping to create something truly amazing on the Ethereum blockchain.

Founder of Square Bears NFT and advisor to many other projects.



Web3 and DeFi enthusiast. Passionate about leveraging evidence-based research and blockchain technology to improve the quality of software for the developing world.

Loves a long walk on the beach.


To discuss partnerships or promos, please email